Linear Space Technology

Linear Space Technology (LST) specializes in the solution of problems involving the non-linearity of RF/microwave components and systems. LST provides both manufacturing and consulting services. LST’s principal business is the production of linearizers for high power microwave amplifiers.

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What is a Linearizer?

These modules are called Linearizers. They are placed in front of the amplifier. The function performed by the linearizer in relation to the amplifier is very similar to that of eyeglasses in relation to the eye. The eye distorts the image seen: the glasses pre-distort the image. When these two distortions are combined, the result is a clear image. For the nearsighted, the glasses must pre-distort the image one way. For the farsighted, the image must be pre-distorted in the opposite way. The lenses of the glasses must be shaped to match a particular sight problem. In the same way, the linearizers LST produce must be tuned to cancel the distortion of a particular non-linear amplifier.